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Ankle sprains account for 30% of sports injuries treated in clinics and more than 23,000 yearly doctor visits by patients who sprained their ankle while simply enjoying daily life. The doctors at Metropolitan Foot and Ankle Specialists are experts at treating ankle injuries, from sprains to fractures, helping each patient heal and regain optimal strength. When you suffer the pain of an ankle injury, please call the office in Aurora, Colorado or book an appointment online.

Ankle Injuries Q & A

What causes a sprained ankle?

Sprained ankles, the most common type of ankle injury, occur when one or more ligaments are stretched or torn. Many sprains occur when you turn your ankle inward, damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

A sprain can result from a blow to the ankle, a fall, or a sudden twist. Although sprained ankles are often acute, you can also develop a sprain gradually as small stress tears that don't receive treatment worsen progressively.

What are the symptoms of a sprained ankle?

Sprains can be quite painful, even when the sprain is mild. The full range of symptoms you may experience includes:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bruising or discoloration
  • Tenderness
  • Inability to bear weight
  • Ankle instability

What is chronic ankle instability?

When the ligament doesn’t heal properly after one sprain, it progressively weakens and you may continue to experience recurring episodes of your ankle turning or giving way, a condition called chronic ankle instability.

With chronic ankle instability your ankle may give out even when you’re standing still on flat ground, so you’re definitely at a higher risk for another sprain when you’re active or walking on uneven ground.

What should you know about ankle sprains and fractures?

Patients often mistake a fracture for a sprain, because both conditions cause severe pain and they have similar symptoms. Both types of injuries also need proper treatment, so it’s critical to have your injury evaluated by the doctors at Metropolitan Foot and Ankle Specialists.

Sprains need appropriate treatment to prevent instability in the future. Fractures must be immobilized and treated to ensure your bones heal properly and to prevent complications such an infection and arthritis.

How are ankle injuries treated?

After an examination and imaging tests, including digital X-rays, your doctor at Metropolitan Foot and Ankle Specialists grades your sprain and develops a customized treatment plan. You may need to rest and use ice or compression bandages to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Therapeutic ultrasound may be recommended to promote soft tissue healing.

In some cases, your ankle may need to be immobilized with a plastic boot or brace. You may need a cast if your ligament is torn, you have a severe sprain, or one of the bones is fractured. You’ll also need to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible to strengthen your ankle and prevent chronic instability.

After an ankle injury, whether you think it’s severe or not, call Metropolitan Foot and Ankle Specialists or book an appointment online.